King of Kings and Lord of Lords


This digital art piece was created for a sermon series at Eastbrook Church based on Revelation 17:14; 19:16.

After reading all of the passages for this name of Jesus, I found myself really drawn to the image of the conquering, victorious Jesus in Revelation: the King of kings and Lord of lords. Scripture describes Jesus with such rich imagery: He rides a white horse, His eyes are like blazing fire, He wears many crowns, He wears a robe dipped with a blood, He has a tattoo on His thigh. All of these descriptions in Revelation 19 were really overwhelming for me: to think that Jesus is both the gentle Lamb of God and also this conquering, strong, tattooed Victor who is ready to wage war. I am honestly more familiar with Jesus as the gentle Lamb than I am with this brazen warrior. I felt really inspired to demonstrate the drama and strength and power of Jesus in Revelation 19.

Stylistically, I wanted to try a new style of digital art for me, where I would reproduce an image in an impressionistic style, where it is blurry up close, but makes sense from far away. I thought that style would work for the book of Revelation, because we don’t have the benefit of having directly seen John’s vision. For us, it’s far away, it’s an impression. The piece finally felt complete for me when I added a new digital layer and wrote “King of kings and Lord of lords” over and over in a royal purple and blended it down to create the final effect.