Liz CarverLIZ CARVER is a designer, artist, and creative living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is passionate about integrating faith and art, currently working as Director of Communication & Creative at Eastbrook Church. She is a proud graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary with a master’s degree in theology and art.

As an artist, Liz is the co-owner of Third Coast Paper, a custom paperie and Etsy Shop and does freelance work as well. Liz’s work has been featured on HGTV, Brickyard Buffalo, the Journal-Sentinel, Nordstrom, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other fine retailers.

In addition, Liz is certified in Soul Care through the Soul Care Institute and is an IEA Enneagram Certified Practicioner, focusing on the Harmony Enneagram, studying under Clare Loughrige. She is co-creator of @justmyenneatype and author of What’s Your Enneatype? (2020), and Interactive Enneagram Workbooks for each type (2021-2022).  

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